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What are the titles of my future blogs?

Yes, it’s true, at this moment there are no blogs for you to see, well, other than this one. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be. In that spirit, here is a list of future blogs that you will see, as soon as I can create them.

I will be covering a number of topics over the coming months, and in case you were wondering just how I came up with such a broad range of things to discuss, the answer is simple. During my thirty years of working in the golf industry, I have had a vast array of jobs, some of them pretty obscure, and some are definitely the road less travelled. And it is because of the road less travelled that I took, it has given me experience and insight into things you may never even thought about with regard to the world of golf. So I guess the big answer to the question is, “I will write about what I know”, obscure or not, and hope you find it interesting.

Here is the list (and not necessarily in order) that I plan to talk about:

Want to help your child or grandchild make their first-ever golf swing?
I can no longer sit idly by and watch the unqualified ruin a child’s first foray into golf.

What is AoA, and how does it affect your golf swing results?
Launch monitors and the metrics they produce. Why you want to know.

My Personal Experience at The Masters in 2023.
A first-hand account of my take on Augusta and The Masters.

The Other Stuff at The Masters.
Sure, the game is great to watch, and sure, the course is spectacular, but what else is there to do at The Masters?

How far do you hit your driver?
My guess is that you hit your driver somewhere between 150 and 400 yards. You just don’t know which distance will show up, and when, and on what fairway?

Take some golf lessons, or purchase new equipment, what should I do?
This is the $64,000 question, and one I get asked all the time. So, what’s the answer?

Think your putting is good? Meet Canada’s putting GURU to find out.
ACE, is Arthur Charles Ewing, arguably Canada’s best putting coach. Let’s find out why?

I mapped (for GPS) over one thousand golf courses in Canada, what did I learn?
Has anyone stepped onto more golf courses in Canada than me? Maybe, but I don’t know who.

Is LIV a good thing or a bad thing for golf?
Honestly, in my opinion, it is both.

Making the turn after 9, who has the best snacks?
Hot dogs, tuna sandwiches, pizza, chips, chocolate bars, soda. What’s on the menu at your favorite snack shack?

Is joining a private golf course worth it?
Let’s look at the pros and cons.

I worked on a Cruise Ship as the on-board Golf Professional, what was it like?
The ins and outs of working and living on a cruise ship.

Do you play golf “out of your trunk”?
What it’s like to playing different golf courses throughout the golf season.

Great public golf courses in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
From Port Hope to Burlington and from Lindsay to Lake Ontario, let’s look at some good public golf courses.

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