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Some people will look at me and see grey hair and a grey beard, while other people will see “EXPERIENCE”. Turns out, both are true.

Who is David Govan?

My name is David Govan and I am a PGA of Canada Golf Professional. I have been working in the golf industry for about thirty years, and a big part of that time has been spent teaching golf.

How did I end up in the golf industry? Well, my Father was a big time golfer who, as an amateur represented Scotland in some international events. Later, after we immigrated to Canada, he also became a Golf Professional. It was because of him that I had access to golf equipment, a practice facility, and a golf instructor, all from the early age of five, so it’s safe to say, golf has been a huge part of my whole life. I was fortunate that way.

Later, I also became a golf professional, and proudly became a member of the PGA of Canada, of which I still am.

As a member of the PGA, I have had the opportunity to work at a variety of golf facilities; from private courses to public ones, from practice facilities to municipal golf courses, as an assistant, as a head professional, as a teaching professional, and as a manager. Also, I have mapped over one thousand golf courses from Newfoundland to British Columbia for GPS for a company called SkyCaddie, and I have worked on a cruise ship as the onboard Golf Professional taking people golfing when we got to port. It’s safe to say I have had a varied, interesting, and exciting career working in the industry. Many times while working in the golf industry I recall looking out my office window and thinking, “wow, I’ve got a pretty nice view”. Again, I was fortunate.

Throughout that time, one of my favourite components of the industry has been teaching golf. I love the interaction of working one-on-one with people, I love helping them understand the many nuances and subtleties of the golf swing, I love watching clients when something I say “clicks” and ”a light goes on” so that something they once found confusing now makes sense, and I love watching them as they become a better golfers.

All of which is why I have my own private golf studio. This studio allows me to help people become better golfers in a face-to-face environment. And it also allows me to sit in my office at the studio, on the computer, and help other people who need to take virtual (on-line ) lessons because they simply live too far away from the studio. Either way, I can do what I do best, help others become better golfers. I just love teaching golf.

About Golf Excellence

Golf Excellence is how I interact with clients. It is my golf teaching business, and it allows me to provide golf instruction services both in person and on line.

What is Golf Excellence?

Golf Excellence is an indoor private golf studio located in Scarborough, Ontario, that offers one hour private golf lessons taught by PGA of Canada Golf Professional, David Govan.

Golf Excellence also offers on-line, or virtual golf lessons, regardless of where in the world you live.

What is modern golf instruction?

Modern golf instruction is two things, it is the use of modern hi-tech teaching equipment like, slow-motion video, a golf simulator, a launch monitor, video swing analysis, and the OnForm app. In essence, in studio lessons means Video + Launch Monitor + Swing Analysis = Results.

Secondly, it is the use of the OnForm app and the internet, both used to communicate with clients who cannot make it into the golf studio. So, regardless of where in the world you live, we can help students improve their golf swing. In essence, virtual (on-line) golf lessons means Video + Swing Analysis + Practice Drills = Results.


OnForm is an app designed specifically for sports, and for our purposes, golf. In the app, we can chat, you can book a lesson, you can review the personalized golf lesson(s) I upload to you, you can review drills I may upload to you, and it is also where you can record your golf swing and upload it to me for my review. Overall, OnForm is an essential piece of software designed for interaction between the student and the teacher. And the best part for you is that it is FREE. That’s right, if you take lessons from me, whether they are in-studio or on-line, there is no cost to you for to use OnForm. I supply it because, in my opinion, it’s just the best way for us to communicate.

Once you book either an in-studio lesson or an on-line lesson, I then send you and invitation, and a link to download the app. Once downloaded you simply install it, and we can begin to communicate through it.  Once installed, look inside for a welcome letter from me, with further instruction on how we proceed. Easy.

OnForm is a game changer. You won’t be disappointed.


Bibi W.

Had my first lesson yesterday and I'm already feeling confident that my game will improve substantially. Dave is very patient, persistent (I had developed some bad habits), corrects me in a gentle way, whereby I know now it is ingrained in me and I will only use his teachings in my golf swings. If anyone is on the side line deciding on a golf coach, you can't go wrong with this instructor.

Ryan B.

Golf Excellence has had an outstandingly positive impact on my golf game and golf score in just a few lessons. David has a deep understanding of the golf swing and his ability to communicate clear and concise ideas make him an incredible teacher. He provides a friendly and comfortable learning environment and his video analysis of your swing is an amazing value added service. I look forward to continue working on my golf game with him and would highly recommend him to any golfer of all ages and skill levels.

Dan P.

I had a solid experience with David. I really enjoy his teaching style and did not expect to improve as fast as I did. The video swing analysis Dave does has been a game-changer for me. His indoor simulator setup is fantastic and ideal for private lessons. I came in for 1 lesson and have now signed up for package. Money well spent and highly recommended.


Prior to my 1st lesson I only had about 3 hours of golf under my belt. Having the opportunity to work with David has really helped me shape my swing & hit the ball straight. In just 5 weeks I've managed to grasp a lot of the fundamentals of golf and avoid any bad habits that could cause my ball to change direction. David is very thorough in his explanations and a great teacher. I highly recommend him if you're looking to improve your game.

Ronald C.

As somebody who just started playing golf this year, I could not be happier with the decision that I made to sign up for golf lessons with Dave! Tutorial videos and video breakdowns of the past lessons help tremendously. Even in between lessons, I am able to send videos to Dave and he is quick to point out and give corrections. Highly recommended!

Shaun F.

David is a class-act. Not only a phenomenal golf player, but an exceptional teacher of his craft. I have to admit I’m a bit clumsy at times, but he was patient and observant of all my micro-mistakes. He goes the extra mile and provides video feedback of your technique and even supplementary video-tutorials. Cannot humanly recommend more, whether you’re new or a pro looking to polish your technique.

Alan R.

Would highly recommend Dave to help improve your golf game. With only a couple of lessons I’m seeing big improvement in my game. I found he explains the golf swing and movements very well. The movement’s he has thought me so far are very effective and will ultimately make me a better golfer.

Jason B.

My experience with David has been amazing. Very knowledgeable and with a great teaching method. First lesson resulted in eye opening changes to my swing! I’ll be going back for more lessons

Ashley E.

A great experience! David's indoor range setup is top notch, and use of technology was spot on. I went in with 2 things I wanted to look at and he isolated the problems quickly and provided drills to overcome them. Very personable and knowledgeable, will definitely be back!

Tanya M.

Dave was a great help. I thought we had to completely rebuild my swing but with a few tweaks he had me hitting further and straighter than I had in years! Highly recommend!

Mike P.

I love my lessons. Originally was just going for one lesson but enjoyed my time and learned so much that I signed up for 7 more lessons. I have yet to take what I have learned out to the course but I am very excited for the upcoming season thanks to what I have learned from David.

Tyson M.

Quick session. David changed my swing for the better with just a few simple tips. Knows what he is doing.

F. T

Invested in a package of 10 lessons with Dave versus new equipment and there are no regrets. The knowledge I’ve gained will forever continue to improve my game. Dave is an excellent instructor who has the ability to tailor and articulate instruction to individual needs, from beginner to professional. Impressed with my progress, my son also invested in a package of lessons with Dave. Thanks Dave for giving me the confidence and skills to love golf.


What l learned in just 1 lesson was worth more than the 100s of hours I’ve spent watching online videos. David is very patient, professional and precise with his teaching. His use of modern technology also adds incredible value to the lesson. I’ll definitely be going back for more!

Syed N

David is an amazing coach. Easy to contact with, true to his words and trains with utmost sincerity. His suggestions make sense and he helps you implement them in the easiest way possible. He is honest and genuinely cares about his students. 10/10 would recommend.

Cool House Media

Hands down the best Golf teacher we know. Dave is a memorable character with excellent knowledge and masterful teaching style stemming back to his early days at St. Andrews. He took us from zero to hero with simple fun instruction. The Golf Simulator is a lot of fun and puts many pieces together for you quickly. Definitely time well spent!

Glen M

David is a likeable knowledgeable golf instructor that I would highly recommend to any golfer looking to improve they’re swing with all the latest technologies.

Harley S

I’ve only been working with Dave for a short period of time , but right away I could tell that he was very professional and very knowledgeable. His golf studio is amazing and you get instant feed back from the different numbers that he is able to show you . I would highly recommend working with Dave at Golf Excellence if your serious about improving your golf swing .

Francis V

I've been to a couple of lessons with other people, one of which was with a big box place and comparing David to them is night and day, in my opinion at least. David was very personal and he made me feel that he genuinely wants to help me improve rather than treat me like another customer. His techniques and approach is very easy to understand and I felt an improvement even after 1 lesson with him. I am looking forward to continuing my lessons with David. And 100% recommend his business to anyone else who would like to learn or improve their golf skills, whether they are a low handicapper or a 36 handicap golfer (like me!)