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Modern Golf Instruction

What is modern golf instruction? Well, it is two things. One, it's utilizing the latest hi-tech equipment available to teach golf, things like; high speed cameras, video analysis software, launch monitors, and golf simulators, all to make learning and improving golf easier and quicker. And two, it is utilizing the internet to communicate, and learn, regardless of location. How is this accomplished? Well, here is an example. Let's suppose you want to make improvements to your short game, big improvements. Here's how we make that work. We can do short game golf lessons over the internet, simply. That's right. You watch my very simple, and very easy to follow videos on pitching, chipping, putting, and bunker play. And remember, there are only three key moves to each of them, that's it. Then, after watching the video(s), practice the technique until things get better. Afterward, I can review your technique over the internet, where all you need to supply is a camera (usually from a phone), record your short game move, then upload it to me. I do the rest. I analyze your technique using golf swing analysis software, and add my expertise and narration, then I upload the results to YouTube. I then send you a link to the video where you can review the results, along with simple and easy to follow refinements. Easy peasy, and fun. And this is the second component of Modern Golf Instruction; you have the opportunity to improve your short game quickly, regardless of where in the world you live. So, you don't need to live near me, or even meet me in person to become a better golfer, we do everything over the internet. How cool is that. Oh, and improvements are Guaranteed. Lastly, for those that do live in the GTA (greater Toronto area) or are planning to visit here, it is an opportunity to have a private golf lesson in a private golf studio, with me, a PGA of Canada golf professional. How do we improve your swing? Well, as noted above, we utilize hi-tech equipment like; high speed cameras, video swing software, a launch monitor, and golf simulator. All of which is designed to make your swing better, much better. Remember, Video + Launch Monitor = Results


Pitching, chipping, putting, and green-side bunker play account for more than half the strokes in a usual round of golf, way more. And if you're not really good at all of them, you are adding strokes to your game, needlessly. If you want to get your short game really good, really fast, you need to make the first step. I say, let's do something about it. What are you waiting for? Remember, as long as you follow the easy techniques, results are guaranteed.


Visit my private golf studio located in Toronto, Canada, for private one-on-one golf lessons. Results Guaranteed.

Short Game Videos

Short Game video lessons that are easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to perform. And the results come fast. Guaranteed. Know this, there are "Three Moves to a Better Short Game". That's right. Each of the four short game components; pitching, chipping, putting, green-side bunker play, have only three key elements to them. Once you know what they are, and how to perform them, your short game can make big improvements. Purchase any or all of the short game videos to improve each aspect of your game. Pitching, chipping, putting, and green-side bunker play. Each video is simple, easy to understand, and easy to perform. You also must know this, these techniques are critical components of the short game, you need to know them if you want to have a great short game. Remember, results are guaranteed, or your money back.

Video Short Game Lesson

Short game video analysis is a Golf Excellence specialty. And here's where things can get really good. Simply record your short game move using your phone camera, then upload it to me over the internet. Once received, I analyze that move using swing analysis software, while providing my narration and recommendations and refinements to make your move even better. I then upload the video on to YouTube, at which point you will get a link directing you to the video, where you can watch and listen to my analysis and recommendations anytime, and as often as you like. Remember, results are guaranteed, or your money back.

Private Lessons

Private golf lessons in a private golf studio located in Toronto, Canada. See how quickly your swing improves with one-on-one instruction by a PGA of Canada Golf Teacher in my private golf studio. We use a launch monitor, golf simulator, high speed cameras, and swing analysis software which, when combined, can really speed up the process of understanding your golf swing, and making improvements. Yes, I guarantee you will see positive results. Located in Toronto, Canada, each one hour private lesson comes with an additional 15 minutes practice time at the end of the lesson. Remember, results are guaranteed, or your money back.

Products & Prices

Purchase single videos of your choice for $14.99 each, or select all four (All Videos) for $59.96, and receive a bonus of one free short game video analysis of your choosing. That's a $19.99 savings. Purchase any short game video analysis for $19.99 each, or select all four (All Analysis) for $$79.96, and I will include a fifth analysis free. That's a $19.99 savings. Purchase a one hour private lesson in my private golf studio for $100.00 each, or save money when you purchase lessons in bundles of three, five, ten, or twenty. See pricing below. Remember, ALL videos, short game video analysis, and all private lessons are guaranteed to improve your game, or I will *refund your money. (*Some restrictions apply)

Short Game Videos
  • Pitching Video
  • Chipping Video
  • Putting Video
  • Green-Side Bunker Video
  • All Videos
Short Game Video Analysis
  • Pitching Video Analysis
  • Chipping Video Analysis
  • Putting Video Analysis
  • Green-Side Bunker Video Analysis
  • All Analysis
Private Lesson in Studio
  • One hour Lesson with 15 minute practice session after the lesson
  • Series of three, one hour lessons
  • Series of five, one hour lessons
  • Series of ten, one hour lessons
  • Series of twenty, one hour lessons (Just kidding, you won't need twenty lessons.)

Meet PGA of Canada Golf Instructor, and creator of these programs, David Govan

David is in his third decade as a Golf Professional, teacher, and coach. He believes strongly in his knowledge and communication skills, and in his ability in getting you to understand what you need to do to improve. Not only that, but he believes so strongly in the products offered here, he is offering a money back guarantee. Now that's confidence.

Guaranteed Results

If for any reason you feel the information and instruction provided are not helping you improve your short game, or full swing game, I will refund your money. That's how confident I am in my product, skills, and knowledge. Now, let's get you started on becoming a better golfer.

Three moves to  better putting? Who knew?


Andrew Carruthers


Bunkers used to scare me, now I look forward to them.


Joe Yukich


I have known David for almost thirty years, and I have always enjoyed talking golf, and the golf swing with him.


David Kaufman

Fellow Golf Professional

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Private Lessons (in studio)

From my perspective, there is no better way to improve your golf game than with a PGA Golf Professional. Especially when they are in a private golf studio, and utilize video, software, high speed cameras, a launch monitor, and a golf simulator. And coming soon, 3D modelling, wow. Let my experience, and today's technology, take you to the next level.

Short Game On-Line Lessons

Purchase my short game videos and you'll learn the three magic moves that make a great short game. Pitching, chipping, putting, and green-side bunker play ALL have three critical moves that make them work, and putting them into practice will take you to the next level.

3D Modelling - On-Line and in Studio Lessons

Coming soon. The newest golf technology is arriving this fall, and it will be a game changer. I convert your swing to a 3D model for even greater clarity, and and to better see and understand your swing. For on-line lessons you simply film your swing, send it to me, I create a 3D model golf lesson for you, then make that video available to you. In studio lessons will include the 3D moddeling. On-line and in-studio lessons available for the short game and full swing. Coming this fall.

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If your short game is not good, why not? I say, if you really want to get good, really fast, why not order a short game video then follow that up with a short game video analysis. Let's take you from bad, to good. Guaranteed.

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